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An Inexpensive Tip for your wedding

Posted on Mar 20, 2017 by


NJ Wedding Photographer / Schroder PhotographyWanted to just throw out there a little tip for all couples planning their weddings. It’s something that is very inexpensive to do and that will go a long way in making many of your guests very happy and make them enjoy your party even more. It’s also something that I have rarely seen at any of the hundreds of weddings I have photographed. I actually thought I had never seen it until my assistant recently reminded me that in 2015 there was a wedding we photographed in which this was done. From my personal experience this is something that would be very useful at most wedding receptions. Looking at the photos in this post you may have guessed what it is? It’s earplugs. Yes earplugs! I know, doesn’t sound appealing for a party right, but trust me, many of your guests will literally thank you for it.

Each wedding reception is different and has different circumstances. Some have DJs, some have bands others may be low key and have soft music playing off an iphone. Generally speaking though low volume music is rare at wedding receptions. Also depending on the particular DJ or band the volume will also vary. I have seen DJs play music loud and then I have seen DJs play music extremely loud. The size and configuration of the room will also affect how loud the music feels. How far the tables are from the speakers will also be a factor. But generally speaking it will be loud and earplugs will help those folks that want to enjoy your party without the problems that come with extremely loud music (short and long term). In many cases earplugs will even make the music sound better.
Earplugs at weddings are a plus
In certain situations I have seen people decide to hang out outside the ballroom because the volume of music was so intense. I have seen people sitting at their tables with their fingers in their ears. I have seen kids covering their ears (see pics). Children and people of age in particular can be very sensitive to loud sounds. So my very inexpensive tip for everyone is that you anticipate this and supply your guests with earplugs so they have the option to use them when the DJ drops the needle. The best spot to have them placed is right at their tables where people can’t miss them. I bet you that at the end of the night you will have family and friends thanking you for your consideration. Try it out, it will make a big positive difference for many people attending your reception.
Earplugs at Weddings are a plus for many guests